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The site

South Quay Plaza is located along Marsh Wall on the Isle of Dogs.  It is bounded to the north by the South Dock and to the east by the Millwall Cutting.  The South Quay DLR station can be found to the immediate south.

The site currently comprises a small retail complex, two office buildings and a leisure facility in the north east corner.  These buildings cover a large proportion of the site, leaving very little space for public use.  Access and visibility to the waterfront is also restricted with poor pedestrian connectivity through the site to Canary Wharf and the areas to the north.  As a result, there is no life or activity along the water's edge.

South Quay Plaza 4 is located immediately to the west of the existing retail and office complex, and sits to the south of Discovery Dock East. It is currently vacant, with hoardings surrounding it.

The poor quality public realm, the lack of activity or life and the complete absence of green space across the entirety of the site has formed the context for our development proposals.